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Basil’s uses cutting edge ideas to transform the lives of Millennials and The Future Workforce.

A Campaign Close to Basil’s Heart.

It all started with a few concerned parents of drug addicts and community member in his hometown, Mariannridge. Many of the young boys were becoming addicted on a drug called "Whoonga." The parents, community members and recovering drug addicts wanted to create a Drug Free Zone within the community of Mariannridge. A few support group meetings were held, then they stopped. Basil has decided to continue with the idea of creating a Drug Free Zone. He conducts Five Free Talks per month to help support people affected by Drugs.

Basil Green has a variety of free, paid and custom designed talks you can choose from. Tell him what you want and he will deliver the results.

What makes him different from other speakers? 

Basil lived an unproductive lifestyle for many years. He started abusing drugs as a teenager, got kicked out of high school, a college drop-out and spent years not making progress in his career.

He REALLY KNOWS what it means to be unproductive. Basil was able to change because of people who saw his potential. He has dedicated his life to helping Millennials and The Future Workforce improve their productivity.

What to expect from him?

Basil uses stories that are fun, relevant and compelling. His clients and audience leave with a memorable experience. They are given practical tools they can apply immediately after the event.

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1. Unlock Your Potential.

2. Customer Service As A Sales And Marketing Tool.

3. The Art of Capitalising On Difference. Plus a variety of custom designed talks.

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How To Create Drug Free Zone.

Basil provides Five Free Talks to help those affected by Drugs. Let us make our lives, families and nations a Drug Free Environment. We want the drug dealer and drug addict to be set free from the clutches of drug dealing and drug addiction. May they each find a new way to make money and enjoy the pleasures of life.

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"Mr Green delivered a powerful and inspiring talk to Small Business Owners as well as Management and staff at Shanduka Black Umbrellas. We found him to be relevant as he delivered a level of dialogue that addresses current state of excellence." Nomusa Mkhaba, Regional Manager - Durban, Shanduka Black Umbrellas

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“As a school we are extremely privileged and thankful to Mr Green for choosing us to share his programme with. We believe that he will leave an ongoing legacy amongst our learners who will take his teachings into the future and help shape the rest of South Africa” - Mrs N Moodley, School Counsellor, Ridge Park College
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“I enjoyed the vulnerability of the speaker. He inspired me to be greater and not allow life circumstances to determine my future.” - Nomfundo Mlalxi, 4th Year Occupational Therapy Student, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal