Are you affected by drugs?

It’s two days after we have celebrated youth day in South Africa. One of the biggest struggles our current youth are facing is drug addiction.

As an ex-drug user, I know the problems it can cause for the person using, and the people connected to him/her.

Every day I see young people who are full of untapped potential walking around like slaves to drugs. They spend most of their day trying to make a hustle so they can feed the monster they’ve allowed into their lives.

Many have been the cause of the rage among our community members. I have been on both sides of the picture. My stuff has been stolen and I have been the thief.

After changing my way of living I chose to make things right with a couple of people. I confessed to stealing from them because they accused other people for what I did. I’ve also forgiven the people that have stolen from me.

The point of this blog post is not to talk about the problems that drugs are creating. So I will not go into much detail about it.

Many solutions have been suggested. Some may work and I am not going to try arguing against them here today. I am not saying that I have an argument against them either.

I want to share with you a solution that will help both the drug user and the person affected by drugs. I believe all of us are affected by this epidemic in one way or another.

Many of the ex-drug users have said this solution will help getting a person off drugs. They have said that it is the best way to keep a person from relapsing too.

I agree with their advice because I have seen its positive effect in my life too. It is a major source of strength and encouragement when times get tough.

It’s known as the most powerful force in the universe. Many of us, if not all human beings, want to be receivers of it.

You don’t have to be rich to constantly give it away. By now you’ve probably figured out what I am talking about. If not, I am trying to make you understand one simple principal, which has been around since the beginning of time.

Love is the solution that I am speaking about. It’s the most effective way to create a drug free zone.

A person using drugs can be very self-centered. Most addicts are known to be selfish. Life to an addict is about, “Me, Myself and I”. An addict can also include a person struggling with any other addiction.

We all know the golden rule: “Treat people the way you would like to be treated.” This rule can be summarised into the four letter word called, “LOVE”.

To love means that we love the people around us with same love that we have for ourselves. In order to love others we must first learn to love ourselves.

You may have tried to make a difference and things never turn out the way you expected. Maybe your intention was to show love. Giving up is never the best option.

I am not claiming that I have arrived. We all need to improve in our ability to love. I know a couple in my community that have showed me how to love those that have been rejected by society.

Their names are Almond and Jean Carrol. They mainly help the boys and girls that are addicted to whoonga. I salute them for what they are doing. A lot of people don’t agree with what their work. I would prefer to not go into detail why people disagree with them.

It’s a difficult task trying to help people that steal from you. These boys have stolen from them a few times. Most people give up. But I have seen them whether some stormy seasons with these boys and girls. Their motto, ” It’s a love thing.”

I won’t forget the group of mothers and community members that I was working with too. Both have taught me very valuable lessons. I believe they were also expressing their love for our youth. I commend them for starting the fight against drugs.

When the group stopped meeting I felt that it could have continued. My reason was based on how I saw the people show genuine concern for the drug addicts and the parents that are affected. Hopefully they will pick up from where they left off. Maybe some kind of synergy can be established between the people working to clean up the drug issue in Mariannridge.

In our quest to live better lives we must strive to build a strong foundation of love. Therefore our efforts to help each other can result in a drug free society that many of us desire.

Maybe you started and the foundation was build on love. But it should not end there. The building must continue.