Do you always see problems around you?

In 2013 my former church Joy Chapel Ministries sent a few of us to a training. The training was conducted by an American lady called Sheri Shaver and a South African man named Lewis Donnelly .

We were taken through a series of games to help teach kids and youth life skills. Whenever someone would complain Sheri would give a challenging response. I will paraphrase what she said, “If you have seen the problem it means you know what the solution.

Many of us have heard people who complain about the current state of our nation. I believe Sheri Shaver’s statement is true. We complain because we know that we could be living in better conditions.

However, complaining does not help because it only adds to the frustration we are experiencing. We need to become people of action. As the saying goes, “Put your money where your mouth is.” Invest your time and resources into the future you want to see.

I have a few suggestions of my own. Hopefully many of you will use them to change our nation.

Our government has a Vision. We as citizens have the responsibility to help government to make that vision a reality.

To make implementation practical there has to be a good working relationship between us and the government.

I would like to use the human body to make my point clear. Each part has its function and importance. To have a fully functional body all the parts must be healthy.

If one part is not working properly the whole body suffers. The hand cannot say to the foot, “I do not need you.” The eye cannot say to the mouth, “I do not need you.”

The hand is not able to do the work of the eye. Each part is unique. If one part suffers the whole body suffers.

The leaders in government play a very vital role in the success of the vision for the nation. Take note, I did not say that it is their vision. Because the vision is for the nation.

The leadership of the nation must lead by example. If they fail to do so the citizens will not take ownership of the vision. Leaders who don’t lead by example lose moral authority.

We cannot undo the mistakes of the past. Things have happened during and after apartheid. We are in June 2018 now. What are we going to do about the future?

Let us forgive those that have wronged us. If necessary, we must bring correction to the people that are refusing to cooperate with the vision.

When we help our government we are helping ourselves. When the government helps its citizens it is helping itself.

We must not only talk about unity, we must live it out in every area of our lives. Working to help those in our race group is counterproductive. South Africa is for all citizens.

We welcome those that have come to make South Africa their new home. They must abide by the laws of this nation and be productive too.

In the blog post I wrote yesterday I spoke about using love to help solve the drug issue among youth. That attitude can be transferred into the vision for South Africa.

We should love our nation and the people that live in it. Our productivity levels will increase when we focus on always doing the right things.

We all have to do our part. You are important and the success of the nation relies on you. My job is to help you get started or improve on what you are already doing.

Blogging is one tool I use to help spread my ideas. You can use what I share to help yourself or somebody you know.