Motivational Speaker

I started Lechem Motivations (Pty) Ltd on 16 September 2014. I had left my job as a Customer Service Representative at Cell C to pursue my passion to impact lives. 

Lechem Motivations is a Personal Development business that specialises in helping Millennials and The Future Workforce to improve their productivity. 

Why did I choose the name "Lechem Motivations?" The name is a play on two words. 

  1. Lechem is a Hebrew word meaning "bread."
  2. Motivation can be defined as " the reason for behaving in a certain way." It is your "why" for doing something. 

When I put the word "Lechem" and "Motivations" together, I wanted to challenge people find the reason "why" they have chosen to pursue their particular career, goal or vision.

In many of our interactions with each other we usually ask, "what do yo do?" That question can be rephrased as, "what do you do to put bread on the table?" The question usually ends there.

We do not ask for the "why," or we don't ask for the motivation behind their career, goal or vision. 

I decided to become a Motivational Speaker. It is not the only thing I do in my business. Motivational Speaking was the first thing I chose to do. Why? My reason is found in my company name, Lechem Motivations. 

The idea to start my business came in June 2014. It was after I came back from a three week preaching trip in Mozambique. Before going to Mozambique I had decided to resign from my Customer Service job at Cell C.

I told them that I was going to become a missionary. My mission in life is to provide education that equips Millennials and The Future Workforce with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in life and in a competitive working environment. 

Two months after registering my business I was asked to consider going to train to be a pastor who plants churches. I was going to be sent out by my local church to start another church in a different location. It would've meant leaving my business idea behind to focus on the training and church planting.

I've had the privilege of being taught by people who have build successful businesses, careers and churches. Each of these people have helped to give me the necessary tools for what I am currently doing. The list of names is too long to provide you with their names. 

I came from a life that was unproductive. Most of my days were spent partying, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. When I did have a job I worked to maintain my lifestyle. On a few occasions I resorted to stealing and house breaking. I cannot undo the mistakes of my past. But focus on living a better life. 

My choice is to be someone who helps others to become leaders that improve the success of their nation in a positive way (Our Vision).

Using what I have learned to provide education that equips them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in life and in a competitive working environment (Our Mission).

I live to help people discover their identity, know their purpose and realise their potential (Our Purpose).  

Lechem Motivations provides Personal Development Services to: 

  • Call Centres
  • Start Ups
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • High Schools
  • Faith Based Organisations
  • Government

Our focus is to help improve the productivity levels of Millennials and The Future Workforce in these organisations. Our clients can book:

  • Keynotes
  • Seminars
  • Call Centre Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Consulting

We also have a Newsletter and Blog that will give you exclusive access to free tips, tools and strategies to help build your career and business.  

Yours Thankfully 

Basil Green 

Motivational Speaker | Facilitator | Call Centre Coach | Mentor | Evangelist