Are you neglecting this too?

You have a dream. In your minds you see yourself achieving your goal. You mentally plan each step you are going to take to achieve your desired goal.

It is easy as 1, 2, 3. Nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal because you have it planned out in your head.

Maybe you decide to take a step further and write down your goal. It is ultimate plan to achieving success in your business and career.

Now it is time to take action…. Or, if you are like 90% of people. You decide to never give it a try at all. Your mind gives you all the reasons you cannot achieve the success you desire.

Fear comes to the door of your mind with a letter addressed to you. The letter is slipped under the door. You pick it up and open it. Inside you see BIG, BOLD & RED words written across the paper, “YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL. DON’T GIVE IT A TRY. YOU WILL DEFINITELY FAIL!!!”

The words echo loud in your head and fear grips you so hard that you give in to the demands placed on you by these BIG, BOLD & RED words written in the letter addressed to you.

What is this thing that 90% of people fail to develop? It is needed by scholars. Teachers need it. At college it is needed. Employees need it. Employers need it too. Business owners need it. And parents also need it. All human beings need it to get maximum results in their lives.

The one thing that the highly successful 10% possess is Self-Discpline.

Why is it so hard for the rest of the 90% to develop such an important key to achieving their goals and dreams?


Barriers to Developing Self- Discipline


  1. Not wanting to leave comfort zone

Self-discipline requires you to change who you are right now. You have to change the way you think in order to change your current situation. Everything begins with a thought before it becomes a habitual action that you perform.

Some people are comfortable with their problems because change requires you to move out of your comfort zone.

For example, a student will be comfortable getting average results because getting outstanding results will require a lot of time studying. Spending a lot of time studying makes them uncomfortable.

A business owner will choose to remain quiet at a networking event because speaking to potential clients makes them uncomfortable. He chooses to lose a client so that he can remain within his comfort zone

There are many people who choose to remain in their problems because they have evaluated what it would take for them to achieve their results.

When they see what it will take to experience the joy they are looking for, they settle for what seems comfortable. They decide to not improve their lives because it requires you to be uncomfortable, be a stronger person and learn new things. That is too much hard work for some people. Laziness keeps them living an average life.


  1. Fear of failure

We all experience fear from time to time. Especially when we have to do something new. Do we take time to evaluate whether these fears are valid?

Whenever you experience fear you must ask yourself, “what could happen if this fear did not come to pass?”

This is same thing we are doing for our dreams. We say to ourselves, “What could happen if this did not come to pass?” We should doubt our fears and believe that our dreams for a better life will come true.



How to Develop Self-Discipline

In order to develop self-discipline, you have to carry very strong reason why you want to achieve the results you are looking for.

Why do you want pass with outstanding results in that test? Is it because you want to go to university so that you can study to be a medical doctor?

Maybe you want to become a medical doctor because you will be able to financially take care of yourself and your loved ones while you pursue your passion to save people’s lives.

Why do you want to increase your sales? Maybe you want to make lots of money so you can have financial freedom. Financial freedom could allow you to do the things you love and enjoy without having to worry about money.

Many people fail to achieve their goals because they do not have a strong enough reason to get what they want.


Life Application Take-Away


  1. Find things that will take you out of your comfort zone. You could give yourself challenging assignments. Once you achieve have achieved your goal. Find a new assignment that will challenge your ability and force you to grow and learn.


  1. Question your fears. Find evidence that disproves their validity. Look for evidence that proves your goals are achievable. You could identify people who have already got the results you are trying attain. Their lives could serve as an example for you. Focus on the positive information you receive and learn from their failures.


  1. Identify a persuasive reason for achieving your intended goal. This is called your “WHY”. Ask yourself these questions, “Why am I wanting to do this?” “What would be the benefit/s of achieving this goal?” “How would my life, business or career change after I achieve my intended goal? You can use your answers to these questions as motivation to exercise self-discipline.