Got a vision that seems hard to accomplish? Below are three keys to help you overcome your obstacle.

1. Lose the excess weight

Last year when I came back from Johannesburg I gained weight. Four months before that I started jogging. Instead of losing weight I added more.

Many times when we want to do good the opposite happens. I have started jogging again. My speed is not as it was. I’ve been running with my uncle who is about 20 years older than me.

To make matters worse my chest was giving me problems for the first two weeks. Thankfully, I don’t have that problem anymore.

In life we can carry unnecessary weight. It could include anything that has the potential to slow down our progress.

Some things might look like they will make us run fast. For example, sugar gives us a good rush. But does not give us energy for a long time.

I once heard a preacher at a youth camp say, “Don’t make a permanent decision for a moment of temporary pleasure.” An “unnecessary weight” can fall into this category.

Some things are good for the moment but they can become a hinderence. Do not replace long-term success for things that are meant to be short-term.

We all have to search ourselves to see if we have things that are slowing us down. Sometimes we will have to let them go for a season. Then take them up again when we have developed the strength to have them in our lives.

2. Aim for the bulls-eye

When we develop a vision we are setting the mark we desire to hit. Many times we here, “go out and make your mark in the world.” This statement is encouraging us to become people of vision. A person of vision can also be called a visionary.

Every visionary is a leader. They take on the responsibility to make people’s lives better. Your vision should impact someone’s life. Your vision is too small if it only has you in mind.

In order to aim for the bulls-eye you need to develop accuracy. It will not happen overnight. Consistent application of what you have written down will bring you closer to hitting the mark with accuracy.

Do not be hard on yourself if you keep making mistakes. Learn to forgive yourself, then get up quickly. As long as you are still alive you still have a chance to accomplish what you desire.

3. Keep your eyes on the prize

At the end of every competition there are prizes. Everyone is competing to win a prize. There is a lot of time, energy and resources that gets put into preparation.

A lot of distractions can pop up while you are trying to get to the end. Your ability to focus will determine whether you finish well.

I once read a story about Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. They were asked to give the secret to their success. They both said that their great success came through their ability to stay focused.

Maintaining a good sense of focus will help you and I to keep our eyes on the prize. The only person that can keep you from getting the prize is you. In this competition you win if stay until the end.

Go out there and make an impact with your life. Share this blog post with someone you know.