“Life is a matter of choices. What will you do for your career? Whom will you marry? Where will you live? How much education will you get? What do you want to do with today? But another choice is much more important than these: Who will you become? The only true freedom each of us has in life is the freedom to choose. But once we choose, we become the servant of our choices.” John Maxwell

Over the next sixteen weeks I will post insights from each of the “16 Key Areas” that will give you inspiration and guidance to become the person you desire to be. Your ability to focus will determine the success you will achieve.

One key for each week. For today’s post I will give each key and what you can expect over the next sixteen weeks.


16 Key Areas to Help You Become the Person You Desire to Be


  1. Attitude is a Choice
  2. Character is a Choice
  3. Values are a Choice
  4. Self-Discipline is a Choice
  5. Commitment is a Choice
  6. Teachability is a Choice
  7. Initiative is a Choice
  8. Passion is a Choice
  9. Courage is a Choice
  10. Responsibility is a choice
  11. Growth is a Choice
  12. Relationship is a Choice
  13. Communication is a Choice
  14. Encouragement is a Choice
  15. Servanthood is a Choice
  16. Love is a Choice


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